My Favorite Things…so far.

So I figured I would give my top favorite things in my time as a mom. Here’s my top 5 favorite things for a baby.


1. Halo Swaddle

We love this thing. The swaddle blankets come undone – this thing (and my son is a wiggle bot) doesn’t let him escape. We had our son in the crib from almost day one – he hated the pack-n-play bassinet and seemed most content in his crib. Well we would swaddle him and he would escape! The hospital gave us one of these, plus we received one from our baby shower and let me tell you – life saver. Our son would wake himself up if he could escape the swaddle. With the Halo, he actually slept pretty much through the night since a month in.

2. Swing

For a long time before we got a swing my son would only nap on me. Which is seriously debilitating. I couldn’t drink my coffee which is detrimental to everyone around me. He loved the swinging movement so we decided to get a swing. LIFESAVER. This is his new nap spot now – I would recommend getting one that swings both side to side and back and forth with a mobile that moves.

3. Development Ball

This thing basically pays for itself in entertainment. It also helped my son learn to sit up on his own. The rattle isn’t too annoying and it has many different colors and textures to stimulate the senses.

4. Boppy Lounger

This is more for the newborn stage but it was a lifesaver. It gives a safe spot for him to hang out and my arms a break, especially after a C-section. I was on my own 2 weeks after birth and just needed a spot to put the baby (we have dogs so right on the floor wasn’t the best option).

5. Ergobaby

This one you probably get a lot but the hype is REAL. I had to do chores after my family left and need my hands – well enter the Ergobaby and I was good to go. You will need to but the infant insert if you are going to use it from day one and it is a bit pricy but so worth it. I went for 2 hour hikes and the performance carrier was perfect – basically Mason nor I didn’t sweat like dogs. Be aware that some are only 3-way and some are the 4-way when purchasing.


Well those are my lifesavers in these 4 months of motherhood – let me know your favorite products!


– Daniella


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