This is near and dear to my heart – as much as anxiety can be anyway. I have always had anxiety – over everything. Call me a worry wart or what have you, but panic attacks were an almost daily occurrence for me until I got help. I thought I had it under control…until the birth of my son.

Let me tell you – postpartum anxiety is real and it’s something we don’t like to talk about.

I now worry about EVERYTHING. From his safety to feeding at the right time, almost every part of my day involves my freaking out over keeping this young human alive, happy, fed, and content. It’s debilitating. So why do I feel like the only one?

Because we are told that kids are strong, they can handle a lot more than we think. Or told that there is nothing to worry about and everything will work out. I can tell you those things are not helpful to one pre-disposed to anxiety. I can tell you I have tried meditation, drugs, mindfulness, the works when it comes to “curing” anxiety. Nothing prepares you to have another human being rely on you for everything.

So what is there to do? I find solace in knowing I am not the only one. That can come in the form of talking about it to someone who also has kids or my husband (though his laid back nature is a slight hinderance to his understanding of it, but he tries to get it). I love my child and would do anything but sometimes the fear is paralyzing.

So what do you do? What is your way of coping with the massive responsibility?



2 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. You bitch at your friend until she finds a way to pay for a trip up to see you 😜 Then talk to her 😘Or call.


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